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Article: Why Applying Eye Cream Is A Must and Where You’ve Been Going Wrong

Why Applying Eye Cream Is A Must and Where You’ve Been Going Wrong

Why Applying Eye Cream Is A Must and Where You’ve Been Going Wrong


The eyes are not just the windows to your soul, how they appear is also very telling of your lifestyle and whether or not you’ve had a good night’s sleep. A night of binge-watching on Netflix can leave you with dark circles. The skin surrounding the eye area is very susceptible to signs of aging, neglecting it further can add years to your age. 

Sometimes all it takes to make yourself look younger is well-rested eyes. Get into the habit of taking good care of your eye area with the help of this guide.  

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect The Eye Area ?

Why Applying Eye Cream Is A Must and Where You’ve Been Going Wrong

The delicate skin around the eyes easily gets dull and dry because the area lacks oil glands and there’s not enough collagen supply to go around. This makes the skin more prone to signs of aging: fine lines, crow’s feet, puffiness, sagging, drooping, and dark circles. 

Why do you get puffy eyes after a night of drinking or not sleeping? These types of activities cause fluid retention or bloating and the thinness of the skin under the eyes makes it more prominent. 

Skincare products that you normally use on your face may not be as effective on the eye area, some might even be too harsh. The eye area does not have the usual oil glands that serve as natural moisturizers that prevent dryness, so supplementing moisture is a must. 

What Damages The Skin Around The Eyes?

The factors that can mess up the skin around the eyes can be both biological and habitual. While skin aging is natural, there are some habits that can help slower this process. 

  • Not drinking enough water. When the body senses there’s not enough water, it stockpiles fluids which leads to water retention = puffy eyes. 


  • Diet with too much salt. High salt intake has the same effect as not drinking enough water, it also causes water retention. 


  • Not getting enough sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, natural processes like collagen production and skin cell renewal are interrupted. Lack of collagen results in dry-looking, dehydrated skin. 


  • Drinking Alcohol. Alcohol depletes the skin of water which gives way to signs of skin aging. This also causes fluid retention, hence the puffiness and dark circles.  

Mistakes to Avoid When Applying An Eye Cream

Why Applying Eye Cream Is A Must and Where You’ve Been Going Wrong

If you can’t avoid social drinking or pulling an all-nighter, good thing is there are skincare products dedicated to the care of the skin around the eye. 

What is an eye cream? 


An eye cream specifically targets issues affecting the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. What does an eye repair cream do? A common formulation hydrates, moisturizes, and replenishes the skin around the eyes. 

While the formulation is very specific to the eye area, this skincare product can easily be used the wrong way. To ensure you get the most out of your eye cream, here are some common mistakes:

Choosing the wrong ingredients 

- eye cream ingredients can still be more specific depending on the concern. For example, hyaluronic acid helps with dark circles while retinol can fill in wrinkles. 

Improper application 

- apply on the under eye area with a gentle tapping motion. Don’t apply too close to the lash line to avoid irritation and don’t forget to apply cream on your lids too. 

Applying in the wrong order of products 

- eye cream goes just before you apply your moisturizer. This helps lock in moisture and hydration for your under eyes. 

Inconsistent application habits 

- just like any other skincare product, the results will take time. Be patient and stick to applying twice a day for the best results. 

What Are Some Common Eye Area Problems And How To Address Them?

Why Applying Eye Cream Is A Must and Where You’ve Been Going Wrong

Eye bags, puffiness, and droopy lids can add years to your age. Here are common skin issues that can affect the eye area and some tips on how to alleviate them. 


Puffiness and swelling - Calm down swelling and puffiness with cold temperatures, invest in an ice roller that you can also use for the entire face. Check out the Project E Beauty Ice Roller Cold Therapy. Follow this with the Project E Beauty Aqua Collagen Under Eye Patches to instantly reinvigorate your under eyes. These patches are infused with natural ingredients that are directly delivered into the under-eye area. 

Dark circles - Hyaluronic acid helps fill in dark circles and wrinkles. Known for its intense hydrating properties, this substance draws in moisture to the skin around your eyes. The Project E Beauty Age Defender Eye Cream contains hyaluronic acid and other botanical ingredients to keep skin healthy and young-looking. 

Signs of aging - Slow down skin aging in the eye area by limiting sun exposure, wear sunglasses. Hydrate and limit (if you can’t help it) alcohol intake and other habits that can zap skin moisture. The Project E Beauty Intensive Eye Repair Essence is also infused with hyaluronic acid to help keep the skin young and supple. 

Improve your eye area

The eye area is a delicate space that deserves a little bit more TLC. Pamper those peepers from the inside with anti-aging and hydrating skincare products specially made for the fragile skin around the eye area.    

 written by Sophie Flair



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